Book a Consultation with Brian Qualls, Estate Planning Attorney

Your consultation involves approximately 90 minutes of personalized advice and guidance on every aspect of your estate planning needs. We help you figure it all out in a relaxed and informative meeting.

You have two options for your initial consultation, one is complimentary, the other involves a minimal fee that is applied to the cost of your project. The content is identical, the only difference is that one consultation occurs via the web, and the other in-person.

Complimentary consultation: This option occurs over the web. We will provide you with a link to a private online conference platform where we are able to see each other and communicate openly. You will need a computer or other device with a camera. If that is not an option for you, we can provide a conference call line to have your consultation over the telephone instead.

In-Person Consultation: This meeting will occur in our office or (depending on your location) can occur in your home or office. The fee for an in-person consultation is $180. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and the fee is applied to the cost of your overall project.

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